Risk management

Risk is often subjective and depends on the context in which it is analyzed. In business property insurance contracts, it is important that the level of risk is known and accepted by all parties to the contract, which in the case of materialization of threats will allow for quick and efficient elimination of their consequences. It is therefore important to identify the key risks in this regard and to apply appropriate technical and organisational solutions.
The MR Consulting team consists of experienced specialists who specialize in insurance risk management. Using proven methods and tools, we help our clients to develop and implement optimal solutions in the field of broadly understood security.

Zero audit

assessment using the proprietary Mentor Risk Assessment solution

  • conformity assessment - verification of the adopted technical and organizational solutions with the requirements of the currently applicable regulations;
  • identification of key threats in the area of activity;
  • assessment of the degree of property and processes protection;
  • analysis of the level of safety in relation to the requirements imposed by the insurance market;
  • report - assessment of the level of risk divided into key parameters;
  • recovery program - a list of recommendations affecting the improvement of the level of safety;
  • consultancy.


a wide base of desingers and contractors

  • consultations on construction projects and investments in terms of meeting formal requirements and those imposed by the insurance market;
  • consulting on the proper selection of security systems;
  • substantive support for the Investor – a wide database of fire protection experts, designers and executive companies of fire protection systems
    (fire alarm systems, spark detection and extinguishing systems, fixed extinguishing devices).
Technical reports before acquisition

Technical Due Diligence Report - (TDDR)

  • indication of necessary expenditures in order to avoid restrictions on the use of the facility resulting from the applicable regulations;
  • determination of the optimal method of protection and advice on the proper selection of security measures preferred by the insurance market.

Together with our partners, we offer our customers:

  • verification of existing documentation, updating or development of new documentation resulting from applicable regulations;
  • thermal imaging tests of installations and machines;
    - design and implementation of fire alarm systems;
  • design and implementation of the vapour and gas detection installations;
  • design and implementation of security measures for installations at risk of explosion;
  • designs and construction of fixed fire extinguishing equipment.

The offer is addressed to:

  • undertakings with difficulties in obtaining insurance cover;
  • industries with an increased fire risk (plastics, wood, waste management, including waste processing industries);
  • companies that want to improve the level of fire safety;
  • capital groups planning to implement a single security policy;
  • enterprises looking for solutions in the field of technical security systems;
  • plants being at the stage of modernization, expansion or new investment


diagnosis of the current state and creation of a plan for long-term implementation of the elements of increasing safety in the plant,
including building of employee awareness.
The goal is to achieve a positive risk assessment, minimize the occurrence of large fire events, and at the same time obtain maximum insurance coverage. Any above-standard activities aimed at checking the state of fire safety, the safety of employees, maintaining the condition of buildings and machines are an important element in the risk assessment by insurers. A measurable value, in addition to an immeasurable increase in the sense of security, may be the reduction in the value of the insurance premium or, in some cases, the possibility of obtaining any insurance coverage.