The DYNATEST 5051 MK-III RSP laser profilograph significantly expands and modernizes the study base of the SAND Road Pavement Analysis System Laboratory at MR Consulting sp. z o.o.
The RSP 5051 MK-III system makes it possible to conduct measurements and obtain results in accordance with the procedures and specifications described the organization and standards of the DSN pavement diagnostics campaign – GDDKiA (General Directorate for National Roads and Motorway), Warsaw, June 15, 2012.
The device measures:

longitudinal evenness by profilometric method based on the IRI or RN index;
ruts (actual depth in mm).

The evaluation takes place in two stages:
1. Measurements in the field using the RSP MK III laser profilograph and preparation of photographic documentation of the road environment using high-resolution cameras installed on the vehicle. The device operates in the speed range from 25 km/h to 110 km/h. The unique Stop & Go system allows you to stop the vehicle without interrupting the measurement. The measurements are related to the mileage of the road or GPS coordinates - this allows for easy integration of data with the Geographic Information System (GIS).
2. Analysis of the registered research material and creation of documentation containing:

– studies of pavement measurements in digital and paper form;
– detailed descriptive and graphic reports containing the results of IRI longitudinal evenness measurements;
– detailed descriptive and graphic reports containing the results of measurements of transverse evenness (ruts);
– photorecording of traffic signs and road markings;
– calculations of reliable rut depths according to the SOSN classification;
– maps with a designated measurement course of the road pavement in paper and digital form - (GPX file);
– high quality camera images (5 million pixels) assigned to the mileage of the tested road section.

Testing of the longitudinal evenness of the pavement in accordance with the applicable Regulation of the Minister of Transport and Maritime Economy Journal of Laws 1999.43.430, as amended, on the technical conditions to which public roads and their location apply.

Testing documentation